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Sunday July 21 2019 

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Registration Information

The Toronto East Enders focus on maintaining a high caliber organization and a skilled coaching staff, but we also recognize that hockey is an expensive game for kids to play.

We seek creative ways to keep costs lower for families to help ensure more kids can continue to play this great game.

While some organization's registration fees continue to rise each year we strive to keep costs low despite


Registration fees include:


  • Weekly Practice ice
  • Team registration to GTHL 
  • Hockey Canada Insurance for players and staff members
  • New Winter jacket
  • New Home/Away Jerseys + practice Jersey
  • New Home/Away/Practice Socks
  • New Hockey Pants
  • New Equipment Bag
  • Game Sheet money reimbursed to each team
  • Team Pictures


Registration 2019-2020


Total Cost : $1700.00 – New Sweaters, New Pants, New Jacket (all players)


Below is the breakdown for equipment not needed? (for returning player)

All cost for items not needed (for returning players ) will be deducted from second cheque payable to Toronto East Enders dated Sept 1

  • Minus $100.00 for Pants
  • Minus $50.00 if you are reusing a team jacket
  • Minus $80.00 for Jerseys    



Further $50.00 off if a player has a sibling playing in Organization.



First Cheque is for $900.00 (May 1)

Second Cheque is for balance (Sept 1)


Payable to Toronto East Enders 


    President                   Co-Founder                    Vice President                        VP-Treasurer
Rod Young                 John Fitzpatrick               Bruce Secord                         Mike Fitzpatrick
416-755-1467 (H)                                           416-421-9846 (H)                   416-996-5042 (cell)